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12 Volt Generator

When you use the term “12 volt generator” or "12v generator", you are usually referring to one of two things. Either you are referring to a 12 volt generator battery, or you are actually referring to a generator that produces 12 volt electricity. So, we will talk about both, and will discuss what to look for in either.


So, first we will discuss a 12v generator battery. These batteries are built to be heavy duty, reliable, and powerful. They are used to start generators, so they need to be able to turn on a moments notice and give out the power that you need. Do they all do it? Well, when they are new they do, but the trick is whether or not they will do it after sitting for a year!

So, here is a pretty common rule of thumb for 12 volt generator a good, brand name. It is better to pay a little bit more for a reliable battery than to have a cheap battery die out on you during the ice storm, leaving your generator useless. Get a 12v generator battery that you have confidence in, and that you know will work. Now, having said this, here is another thing to think about. 


 12 volt generator

 12v generator

 12 volt generator 

If your 12 volt generator battery is not running an emergency generator (in other words, if the generator is for your construction company or something else like that), then, remember that you can charge it during the night and run it during the day. In this case, a cheaper battery might not really hurt you at all.


Now, we will discuss an actual 12 volt generator. There are a lot of reasons as to why you might want to run a 12 volt generator, but what is important is that you get a generator that will handle what you need it for.


A lot of times, if you can get a 12v generator with a 4 stroke motor, it will run smoother and more quietly, which is nice. Make sure that it will output at least 8.3 amps for charging… this is a pretty standard thing though. Most will probably do this, no problem! 


  12 volt generators

  12v generator

12v generators

Whichever of these types of 12v generators you are shopping for (or perhaps a wind generator, or looking to make your own generator? Check out the two videos above), it is important to remember that brand name mean a lot, because they usually come with a warranty.


 Video discusses a 12V wind generator.


Video presents a 12v generator and charger. 


On a piece of gear like this, an extended warranty is always a good idea. After all, if you let it set for six months never needing to use it, will it do you any good to have the warranty expire? You should get a good enough warranty on something like a 12v generator to protect you in the event of a defective battery or generator.


So, shop for a name that you trust, or buy from a company that offers the best buyers guarantee and warranty. A full service warranty is the best, but parts and repair is good too! On the 12 volt generator battery, this is probably not an option, but you should get one that you can trade in if it conks out.


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